3 Really Good Reasons to Be Obsessed with the Weather

The Weather Channel (TWC) was somewhat of a novelty when it first launched in 1982. Its creation brought 24-hour weather and related news to cable in a format similar to fast-paced news reporting. To say it was an instant success is to understate the obvious. TWC created an entire legion of people obsessed with the weather.

While TWC is still a dominant force in 24-hour weather reporting, they now have plenty of rivals. Those not fond of TWC have alternatives in Weather Nation, the Weather Network, AccuWeather, and many more. They all remain solid business enterprises because of our collective obsession with weather. But is there justification for this obsession? Perhaps.

Below are three really good reasons to be weather obsessed. If the weather doesn’t thrill you, that’s fine. It is a big deal to some people.

  1. It Affects the Daily Routine

The top reason for being weather obsessed is as simple as understanding that weather affects the daily routine. Let’s say you are an attorney working in a major metropolitan area. The forecast is calling for rain. You had better take your umbrella, overcoat, and waterproof shoe covers from GC Tech. You are going to need them on your walk from the parking garage to the courthouse.

The weather affects just about everything we do on a daily basis. If you live in the south east and the weatherman is calling for extremely high temperatures, you might decide to keep the kids indoors that day. Out in the Plains states, a forecast calling for snow means you’re in for some tricky driving on your way to work.

    2. It Can Be Destructive

Most of the time, the weather is either pleasant or somewhat annoying. There are days when it is spectacularly great. However, there are times when the weather is bad enough to be destructive. Just think of tornadoes and hurricanes. A strong storm can wipe out entire neighborhoods with very little effort.

The weather obsessed know this all too well. The most obsessed among them are rarely caught off guard because they are constantly monitoring weather reports. They know when it’s time to batten down the hatches and ready the galoshes and raincoat.

Such obsession leads to strange hobbies like storm chasing. But if that’s your thing, getting up close and personal with a tornado can be an invigorating experience. Just don’t get too close or you might just discover how destructive the weather is.

   3. It Is Scientifically Fascinating

The most obsessed among us understand that weather affects their daily lives and can be destructive. But what really has them hooked is the scientific nature of studying weather patterns. Quite frankly, it is fascinating. What many people take for granted has a legitimate, scientific explanation that can be analyzed, tracked, and even predicted.

There are some people who are energized by learning what causes the planet to do what it does. They track the jet stream as diligently as an air traffic controller tracking jumbo jets. They are thrilled with the minutia of water temperatures and currents. Terms like ‘wind shear’ and ‘barometric pressure’ are music to their ears.

For most of us, the weather is something we have to account for when deciding how to dress and how to get from point A to point B. But for others, weather represents a living, breathing entity worthy of study. If nothing else, we all need to pay attention because weather affects our daily lives and can be destructive. To keep track of it all, we have TWC and its many rivals.