5 Reasons why churches are so popular

Churches are one of the most popular gathering places for people. They allow us to come together and worship our Creator, which we were all created to do. Here, we’ll be discussing few reasons why churches are so popular – you might find one or two that surprise you.

  1. Churches are beautiful.

Churchgoers love to attend services in buildings that are truly amazing works of architecture. Churches allow us to connect with the divine – and what better way than by following a service inside one of man’s most stunningly designed buildings?

  1. Churches are traditional.

Churches have been around for thousands of years, and their traditions go back even further than that. The services held in churches allow us to connect with our family members who came before us while learning about the customs and practices we should be following throughout life. For example, the River Pointe church in Atlanta has beautiful and traditional architecture.

  1. Churches allow us to connect with like-minded people.

As human beings, our biggest need is connection – and churches provide this for millions of Americans each year. Churches are filled with fellow believers who all come together to learn about the Bible, worship God, and build lifelong friendships along the way. For example, the Point Church in Atlanta has a welcoming community that helps newcomers feel at home immediately after their first service there.

  1. Churches are a great place to meet new people.

Many churches have various social events throughout the week and on weekends, giving churchgoers all sorts of opportunities to connect with others in their community. Churches provide an easy way for neighbours to come together – especially if you’re looking for that neighbourly bond.

  1. Churches provide great opportunities for giving back to the community.

Churches often have various outreach events throughout the year, where members of their congregation can come together and volunteer in multiple ways – all while having fun and serving others.

 Churches also host many religious holidays that allow churchgoers to give selflessly or give gifts to those less fortunate than themselves. Many churches do this with Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more each year. It helps in building a sense of belongingness among people of different communities.


Churches are a great place to come together with others, learn about the Bible and God, give back to the community in various ways, and have fun! If you’re not attending church right now we hope that this post helped change your mind.