A Homeowner’s Guide on Electric Surges

Electrical disasters aren’t an uncommon occurrence. When you own a home heavily dependent on electronics for its functioning, things are bound to go wrong in the electrical department. These damages range from mildly inconvenient to deadly, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Due to how bad it can get, it’s important for homeowners to understand what an electric surge is. Once you understand the basics of how it works, you may be able to care for your home a lot better when faced with one.

An electric surge can be caused by a few different happenings, some more frequent than others. Manmade electric surges are a lot more common than ones caused by lightning, which means you are likely to be informed of one beforehand. The following are some things every homeowner should know about how to deal with a power surge.

What Is an Electric Surge?

A power surge or electric surge refers to a sudden spike in the voltage, which affects every electronic device in a home connected to power at the time of the surge. Surges can result in your appliances overheating, malfunctioning, or in extreme cases, even catching fire. If left unchecked, a power surge can be deadly; this is why it is important to always be prepared for an electric surge.

There are essentially two main causes of an electric surge.

Electric Load Switching

This type of surge occurs more frequently, but is more difficult to predict. The switching of electric loads can lead to an electrical system being overwhelmed, which can result in a voltage spike.

Lightning Strikes

This type of surge is less common, but may be deadlier. This is because a lightning strike occurs in circumstances which may be more difficult to deal with compared to manmade surges, since the weather cannot be controlled. However, storms can be predicted in weather forecasts, so it is easier to be prepared for this type of surge.

What to Do In Case of a Surge

The first thing to remember about electric surges is that they are unavoidable. You can prevent the degree of damage a surge causes to your home, but to escape it completely is out of the question. It is better to focus on understanding how electric surges work, and what to do in case one occurs around your home. The following are some things ever homeowner must remember to do if a power surge is expected to occur.

Turn Off Main Power Supply

The safest way to avoid damage from a power surge is to disconnect your appliances from electricity, and the quickest way to do this is by turning off the main power supply to your home. This will immediately disconnect all your appliances, keeping them from being affected by the surge, regardless of their size or function. You can do this by accessing your home’s main fuse box, and your appliances will stay safe throughout the surge.

The only drawback to this is the fact that a lot of people tend to get lazy when there is no technology around. Other than that, your productivity may be affected due to a lack of resources for getting your work done. If there is no electricity or internet, you overall mood and work ethic may be impacted negatively.

Charge All Portables

A power surge can be unpredictable. It’s often difficult to tell exactly when you will have access to electricity again, so it’s good to be prepared for a prolonged power outage. Having all your portable devices charged can be very helpful in such a situation. Portable devices extend beyond just your smartphones, tablets and laptops. This can refer to internet devices, or any smart gadgets which may be of use during this time.

Having these devices may also help you go through the duration of the surge much more easily. This time can be difficult to pass due to the uncertainty and occasional boredom. Having something to distract yourself with may help.

Keep an Eye on the News

If the cause of the electric surge is related to the weather, it is best to keep an eye on the news for updates. This will help you determine how long the surge might last, which could make the wait easier for you.

Regardless of the cause of the surge, homeowners are often informed that it will be occurring beforehand. Even if the surge is due to a power grid switch, your electric company will send you a notification to prepare you for it in advance. Staying updated will help you keep your home in check throughout the duration of the power surge.

Stock Up Beforehand

If the cause of a potential electric surge is a storm, it may be a good idea to stock up on essentials. Once a storm begins, you may not be able to leave your house too easily. In situations like this, it is essential to have all basics available for use, such as a first-aid kit, or essential food supplies which you may not be able to access once the power outage strikes.


Your home has several electronics in every room, and any of them being damaged can be very costly. While electrical disasters can be daunting to think about, being prepared for one in advance can give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your family and belongings. The best thing to do against power surges is getting full home surge protection, so that you don’t have to panic every time a storm or other electrical inconveniences may be approaching.