Considering A Virtual Office Space Renting As A Business


Virtual office renting has become one of the most popular businesses in the renting industry landscape. Compared to conventional office space renting, a virtual office is cost-effective, and henceforth attracts clients in large numbers. The majority of clients of the virtual office space rental in Lakewood are from startups and enterprises with a limited budget.

Planning and management

To begin a virtual office renting business, a lot of planning goes into making it successful. The prime focus should be on the right marketing and advertising tricks. It is necessary to recognize the target demography and its particular demands. Based on it, one can plan out the location, and a wide array of services offered to clients. Moreover, it is necessary to carry out market research about the competitors. Getting an idea about the rivals helps with better planning about the facilities, budget, anticipated return of revenue, and so on.

Services and solutions offered

When one plans to start a virtual office rental business, he/she has to determine the services and solutions to be provided to the clients. The basic ones offered by the virtual office space rental in Lakewood are:

  • Address situated in a prime location
  • A local business phone number
  • Courier and mail facilities
  • A professional receptionist answering clients’ calls
  • Video conference and online meeting facility
  • Access to on-demand basis requirements like copying, faxing, printing, lamination, and so on.
  • On-demand sharing of office space daily or hourly basis

It is suggested that based on the demands of the market, the services should be considered for business. Apart from including the basic services, one can also customize a few and add them to the list of services and solutions. Social media management, SMS marketing, cold calls, customer feedback, etc., are some of the advanced solutions that virtual office space businesses need to offer.

Advertising and promotion

Online advertising and promotion of virtual office space renting seem more effective than offline marketing. The business must have a website with relevant and clear information. The presence of social media is vital for the promotion of such businesses. Additionally, Google AdWords is also critical for sales promotion. The presence of an online payment system allows instant purchase options. Attending trade shows is also an excellent way to promote the virtual office renting business.

Keys tips to follow

  • It is suggested to research and understand different aspects of virtual office space from the perspectives of customers.
  • The focus should be on things that one is best at, whether it is customer support, data entry, transcription services, and so on.
  • There must be a well-written business plan covering all the business aspects
  • A unique business name must be considered in sync with the services and solutions provided


Starting a virtual office space renting business is in trend today. It is not easy, and like any other business involves multiple procedures and formalities. The concept of virtual office space rental in Lakewood as a business has witnessed a tremendous surge in the last couple of years. It is a complex procedure, but by following the right direction, one can be successful and generate high revenue.