Different Types of Labels

Labels are important in helping identify assets such as cars, phones, laptops, and so many more. Without them, how would you be able to track where your assets have gone? If you haven’t figured out what labels you need, here is a list of each type of label and where you can use them.

Asset Labels

Asset labels or asset tags are those used to label fixed assets in the office. These labels usually indicate when the item was bought, to whom it was assigned, and other similar identifiers. The main purpose of these tags is to properly track all assets and take them into account for accounting and security reasons. Some companies also use these asset labels to track their employee’s productivity.

There are many kinds of asset labels, as there are many ways to label a certain asset. Depending on the company’s way of tracking, labels can be in the form of a QR code, barcode, or just a set of alphanumeric symbols. Companies can also request to make security asset labels that are made specifically for the purpose of tracking each item. Security asset labels are best for high-value items such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, and the like. For more information, you can check this Security Labels and Stickers Guide.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are a lot like asset labels, but unlike the latter, these labels are made available for commercial use. These are the barcodes that you see on retail items in stores. There are many types of labeling used, and it depends on the inventory management system of the company. The oldest labels are the numeric-only labels, but these days you will often find the alphabet in the barcodes.

Automotive Labels

Labels aren’t just sets of alphanumeric symbols. Some are just made of images that denote certain actions or warning signs. You can find these types of labels in vehicles.

Automotive labels are made to stick in on a car’s body or window. Unlike simple labels, these are made to survive different weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and sun. In other words, these labels are waterproof, highly durable, and tear-resistant. It will only be removed after a few years, mainly due to weakening adhesion to the car.

On the other hand, there are also manufacturer labels that are specific to automobiles. These labels have to comply with industry standards and should only list the manufacturer’s specifications of the vehicle. These include, but are not limited to, specifications, year of the model, manufacturer identification, etc.

Other Types of Labels

You’ve seen the different types of labels based on their use. When it comes to the symbols placed on the labels, there are more types to mention.

One very common label is a brand label, which is used to name items using the brands of companies. They are the labels you find covering bottles, toiletries, food packages, and many more. To complement brand labels, there are also descriptive labels that literally describe the product it is on. Nutritional facts, expiration dates, and safety measures are the labels considered to be descriptive labels.

Another type of label is a grade label. A grade label states the quality of the products depending on the standard of the industry. Some grade labels may include words or ratings, while some will include numbers. It’s best to know what type of grading system the industry uses before printing out grade labels.

Labels may not always be understandable to everyone since some of them are different combinations of alphabets and digits, but they serve a purpose that will help each business in tracking their assets.