Investment – FDs V. Online Casinos – Which is Better? 

Hello folks! Today in this brief guide, I am going to tell you about some forms of investment that are a big mistake in today’s time and the comparison with the online casinos, and why online casinos are the best ones. Firstly, many people invest their amount in FDs, but they do not know that the percentage at which the banks give returns is too less. It doesn’t help in any way in doubling your amount. So, this is one form of investment that is a total waste. Therefore, it makes no sense to invest the bulk amount in FDs. It is better to keep it in the bank account,

Why Online Casinos

But, again if you invest that money in online casinos, then there are many benefits that you get before playing a casino game online and after playing i.e. winning the jackpot. In addition, after reading this many people will think that should be waste our full money on online casino games. Well, the answer is no. I am not asking you to spend the full money. The deposits in the casino are of a less amount. It starts with 1K minimum and extends to 20 to 25k if you choose to play bigger and betting games.

Invest in Online Casinos

You never know when luck knocks on your door and you get the jackpot. So, you should always invest little but wisely in online casinos. Another reason why online casinos are better is that before you play the casino games, the online casinos return some part payout percentage in the form of a bonus in your account. So, you get some portion of your money back in your account. But if you invest in FDs then one of the demerits is that in between the maturity period or till the maturity period doesn’t arrive you cannot take the money. So, one way it’s blocked. Plus, what you get is still less.

Switch to IDN Poker Sites – 

So, why keep your money blocked. It is better to use it in playing online casino games and winning the jackpot. If you are a novice and thinking of switching to online casinos, then it’s good news! Now, let me tell you which casino you should choose. You should always choose idn poker network sites casinos or online casinos that are members of IDN play or server. IDN poker agents are generous and they have distributed millions of jackpots to the winners all over the globe. Plus, in IDN poker sites the games are easy, there are 8 different modes of payment including crypto-currency, and then there are also bonuses and special offers for members and much more.

Add-on Benefits of IDN Poker Sites – 

It also has mobile software. So, you can easily play online casino games on your mobile phones i.e. android devices. Apart from that, its RNG games are licensed games, so you can always play the RNG games if you are bored playing poker games, or Omaha, super 10, Capsa sun sun, CEME, Q-kick, etc. You will get varieties of options in games, so you can choose any game. Apart from that, the CS (customer service) is available for 24 hours, so in case of doubt, you can always approach them.