Little-Known Secrets to Making Catchy Engagement Announcements

An engagement is a milestone that not all people get to experience. With that in mind, you should consider giving your announcement the respect it deserves. If you plan to share your splendid news this season, there is no better way than with Mixbook’s engagement announcements. This platform gives you ideas on how you can make your masterpiece stand out and lets you customize your design however you please.

Personalized Engagement Announcements Photo Cards

For your engagement, congratulations are in order. Few events in life share the same importance as the moment of proposal. It unlocks blissful anticipation and joy knowing that somebody’s son or daughter agrees to spend their entire lives with you. Feel like sharing the joyous news with everyone? Mixbook allows a myriad of features to share your delight with the world.

About Engagement Announcements with Mixbook

As you plan to share your engagement news, consider the excitement of friends and family near and far as they learn of your desire to get married. That said, making yours stand out should be your concern.

Mixbook offers a wide selection of romantic designs. You can easily find one that identifies with your partner and you to reveal your innermost personalities. Furthermore, you can choose an attractive card style that best accentuates your favorite picture or photos entailing you and the love of your life. Your precious image featured on your engagement announcement will be able to withstand the test of time, dwelling on your loved ones’ minds whenever they think of you.

You can personalize your cards to your taste. Mixbook gives you access to thousands of free backgrounds and stickers, high-quality textures, and outstanding finishes. Engagement announcement paper selections include smooth matte, 100 lb. paper, and premium 110 lb. silk paper.

You may also introduce a luxurious look and feel to your engagement announcements with fancy little details like real foil embellishments, adding a touch of sparkle and shine to rhyme with the glow on your smiley faces. These attractive engagement announcements become incomparable keepsakes to be preserved with you and your loved ones in your scrapbooks eternally.

Engagement Announcement Ideas and Trends

Prospective brides and grooms continue choosing photo engagement cards as the medium for spreading their delightful news. Couples seem to have fallen for trendy, photo-journalistic shots to announce their looming nuptials. You can emphasize personal details like a closeup holding hands and showing off your beautiful ring or use clever signage to introduce a funny twist to your announcement.

Vibes to be expressed through personalized engagement cards are numerous. They range from entirely sentimental to jokingly poking fun at the groom for stalling before proposing. Occasionally, these images may include personal details like a theme or season close to the couple’s hearts.

You are free to include your most epic pictures, your projected wedding date, and other special notes you deem fit to share. Cap it up with metallic shades of silver and gold, alongside fancy accents like foil or special finishes.


With Mixbook, you can follow trends or design a special announcement by yourself. Take time to browse their samples and play with them to develop different looks until you discover one that truly defines your relationship.