Ukelele Shop Experience

When it comes to music, we cannot miss the Ukelele in the market.  Generally, people think that ukuleles are considered the most accessible and most affordable musical instruments to learn. While this is true for many reasons, their prices vary from very cheap instruments to costly ones.

As you know, there are tons of ukulele brands and outlets on the market today, and one of the most popular and trusted music instrument shops around is Kanile’a.

Kanile’a Ukuleles is a Hawaii-based musical instrument company that specializes in handmade ukuleles. The shop was founded in 1998 by C.B. Fender (a k a Chuck Moore) and Dennis Kamakahi. Fender, an expert luthier, was previously working for another Hawaii-based musical instrument company called KoAloha Ukuleles before he decided to pursue his dream of establishing his brand.

Ukulele enthusiasts love Kanile’a shop because it provides excellent customer service, a vast collection of ukuleles, and is known for hand-making high-quality Hawaiian musical instruments.

Kanile’a shop provides both soprano and concert size ukes, each having its distinctive sound. The company uses premium wood materials such as KoaKoa from the Big Island of Hawaii to produce high-quality instruments.

They use ebony for their fretboards, rosewood for the bridge and peghead facings, and exotic Hawaiian koa wood for the side and back of the Ukelele. Some of their models even come with a unique abalone rosette which gives it a unique look, while others have an inlay of Hawaiian KoaKoa and curly KoaKoa.

Their ukuleles generally cost between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the type of wood used for the body and headstock.

Kanile’a shop also offers a wide selection of accessories such as cases, humidifiers, straps, and different types of guitar strings. They also provide various kinds of strings such as fluorocarbon, nylon, and their custom-made model.

How to take care of your Ukelele.

  1. Always remove your ukulele from its case and let it “breath” for at least five minutes before playing. Placing the instrument inside a tight or airless case can cause moisture to form on the uke’s strings, neck, and body, which will damage the wood over time.
  2. Be sure to tune your uke before playing.
  3. Always use a soft-bristle, natural bristle brush and dust the ukulele every time you play it to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the soundhole and onto the strings.
  4. Store your ukulele in its case when not in use to prevent it from getting damaged.
  5. Keep your ukulele out of extreme temperature changes. Keep away from direct sunlight when not in use.
  6. Always check the condition of your strings before you start playing. Check for any kinked, frayed, or damaged strings. Replace them immediately if you find any.
  7. Always wipe down your ukulele with a damp cloth after each play session to remove harmful oils and dirt buildup that can cause damage to the wood body of the instrument. For wooden tools, avoid using cleaning products as they may contain chemicals that could damage the wood.
  8. Use a wood polish and conditioner on your ukulele every 3-6 months to ensure that your wooden instrument stays protected against dryness.
  9. Remember that humidity is your best friend! Keep an indoor humidifier running during the winter months to keep the humidity in the house between 30-50% to protect your instruments from cracking or warping.
  10. Store your ukuleles in a case when not using them to avoid them from getting scratched or dinged. Never place anything on top of an instrument case, as the added pressure can cause damage to the instrument within.

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