What Are Kite Boards Made Of?

Tony Logosz, from Slingshot, answered a question about the properties of kiteboarding equipment. He said, “The materials must be light, strong UV resistant, permeable durable, compactable and flexible, low stretch, elastic stiff, soft, airtight. breathable. inflexible. flexible, watertight. waterproof, tough. stable. etc.” The sport of kiteboarding would not exist without the modern materials that provide these traits. Kiteboards must deliver the performance we desire, but be strong enough to withstand the everyday abuse of riders. Designers have the ability to use a variety of materials, including polyester, carbon fiber and epoxy, as well as various foams, woods, to make gear that is suitable for all levels of riders.

What Are Kites Made Of?

What do designers look for in kite materials? I am constantly looking for materials that are lightweight, stable, and long-lasting. This is where there is a fine line. Kites must be lightweight to perform well. However, they are subject to a lot of abuse from the average consumer. In most cases, the lighter the material, the more durable and stable it is. This can lead to potential durability issues and makes kite design more difficult,” explained Pat Goodman, Cabrinha. Naish’s Damien Giradin stated, “For the canopy, there are three parameters that are very important: rigidity and porosity. Resistance to abrasion is also important. The most important thing is the ability of these characteristics to be maintained over time and when it gets wet.” The leading edge and ribs need to be rigid and stable. Julien Fillion from Liquid Force said that these parameters are crucial for the canopy’s stability and strength. Raphael Salles of F-One focuses on materials that are light, strong, and long-lasting. Because a kite must fly, it is essential that the material be light and strong. They are very strong and can hit the water with great force. There are also inflated parts that may explode!” Kite-building is the only activity that currently uses a single material.

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