What are the contraindications for the treatment of botox?

You will come across some contraindications for botox treatment. When you suffer from one or more than one issue mentioned below then botox might not turn out to be ideal for you:

  • If you have drooping eyelids.
  • Skin problems around your expression lines that you wish to treat.
  • Serious allergies.
  • Muscular issues, like pronounced weakness in your facial muscles that you wish to treat.
  • Very thick skin or scars around the site of injection.
  • Serious skin reactions that arise due to injections.

It is important to have a consultation with your physician if you suffer from the issues mentioned above. The plastic surgeon would discuss your situation for determining whether or not the Botox Naples Florida treatment would be ideal for you.

What happens at the time of the consultation for botox?

When you will have the initial consultation, then the sanctioned plastic surgeon who will perform the botox procedure would revise your medical history. Again, he will also evaluate the skin that covers your face besides assessing your expression lines. At times, the injections are given in the appointment time only based on the units you require, your present lifestyle, the medications you take, and the time you can afford to spare.

Now, if you are required to return for the treatment, then your surgeon might ask you not to take some blood-thinning medications. Again, you might also be needed to stop consuming alcohol nearly one week before the treatment.

The accomplishment of the botox treatment

Botox treatment happens to be a fast and simple process. Patients who are provided this treatment are not required to take any leave from work. Again, they are not given any anesthesia too. The medication is injected into the patient’s target muscle utilizing very fine and small hypodermic needles. When the injection is injected, patients might come across a pinching sensation. Again, they might feel a little discomfort too, but it would fade fast.

At times, people do not get their awaited results in only one injection as it is dependent on the muscle they have been working on. When the injections become complete, you must not rub the area for nearly twelve hours.

Is botox treatment safe?

The treatment of botox is absolutely safe but at times, people get bruising from it. When you come across bruising then too it would fade after some days. A few patients suffer from headaches and they last for one or a couple of days after they are injected botox. Some other minor risks comprise eyelid drooping, redness, itching, sweating, and nausea. However, if you experience some serious risks, like troubled vision, flu-like signs, seizures, then you must contact your physician immediately.

Sanctioned plastic surgeon for your job

You must always choose a sanctioned plastic surgeon of botox Naples Florida for performing your botox treatment. A board-certified surgeon remains updated with the newest processes and precautions. Again, he is also trained well in administering injections of botox.