What Is A Shoe Drive Fundraising Program, And What Are The Benefits?

Fundraising for non-profit organizations may have different ways and ideas. The main focus of hosting nonprofit events is to fundraise for various reasons. It can be a vital lifeline event for any charitable organization. There are different ideas and ways for fundraising followed by the organizations. The shoe drive fundraiser event is one of the most significant and unique ones everyone should know about. This is highly effective as a fundraising idea for schools and colleges. Students, who are financially weak, often walk with bare feet, which causes infectious diseases. Collecting shoes from such fundraising agendas can help them a lot.

History of shoe drive fundraising

Shoe drive fundraising started with Funds2Orgs on their 10th anniversary, associated with over 10,000 schools to upcycle the shoesmith. It is an innovative and sustainable way to raise money to serve the interests of needy school families and people finding impactful opportunities. The shoe drive fundraiser events effectively collect money for schools, churches, and other non-profit communities.

Why does shoe fundraising go beyond raising money?

Build relationship and support: It is an intense orchestrated effort that engages multiple organizations to make the event successful. The volunteers contribute in the best way to make the event come to life. The attendees make the same effort by contributing their donations, efforts, and time.

Noble cause: Shoes are essential in remote areas to prevent the attack of parasitic diseases. The main agenda of such programs is to arrange the supply of shoes to debilitate children and adults.

Raise awareness: The fundraising events naturally build support from the donors and volunteers, creating awareness about the cause. It can support new developments and have a more integral impact on the fundraising cause. Growing towards the goal becomes smoother as the donors can see a clear picture of the uses of the donations.

Building donor base: Whether a shoe drive fundraiser event or any other charity program, these events provide good donor retention with sustaining growth. Maintaining public relations, promotions, and other important programs are executed greatly. This is a win-win condition for both the sponsors and the organizers.


Those planning to start a shoe drive fundraising program should find a suitable partner who can turn unwanted footwear into opportunities. There are too many less fortunate people worldwide who can benefit from such funds. Partnering with the correct organization can kickstart the mission at no cost. It is advised not to collect cash as many people want to donate money to the fundraiser. The aim is to collect pairs of shoes that people are no longer eager to store in their cupboards. Once collected, pack them up and provide them to the partnered organization. The fundraising organization will then calculate the total and send the amount via e-check. The collected shoes can be served to children who need shoes to go to school or launch micro-entrepreneurship.